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Supply Chain Services - Reverse Logistics
As an industry leader we demonstrate, on a daily basis, our innovation, flexibility, and technological expertise in the solutions we provide. With capabilities ranging from reverse logistics, depot repair and asset recovery to advance exchange and warranty support services, our supply chain services team assesses and analyzes your individual needs, then creates a customized, real-world solution that meets your specific requirements.

Inbound logistics services, including vendor managed inventory, improve manufacturing efficiency
Today's lean supply chains demand reliable, efficient delivery of components to the manufacturing line. inbound logistics solution has been proven to decrease costs and increase manufacturing production in aerospace logistics and other industries.

Handling and Testing
Samtack handling and testing process enables quick, effective routings for inbound receipts, generating maximum recovery values for inventory sold in alternative markets and channels. returns center operations, testing and repair of product for redistribution, and financial credit processing The process minimizes resulting scrap rates and waste.
Products that test are cleaned and prepared for sale. These products can enter the reseller marketplace as refurbished product, providing clients with an additional revenue stream. Products that test defective sold as is ,providing clients with cash flow advantage. Plus Samtack have the capability of Kitting and sub-assembly.
Samtack’s internal liquidation team uses criteria and market conditions to route inventory to the most appropriate channels such as online (e-commerce) and traditional (direct contact) methodologies. Multiple channels are used to maximize recovery rates, E-bay, vendor to Vendor exchanges, bulk/liquidation, and category salvage. If product repair or teardown will provide additional revenue, Samtack processes the product prior to entering it into the selling channels.
With strong business relationships with numerous companies worldwide, Samtack provides clients with solutions for scrapped materials . Samtack abides by international, federal, and state waste regulations and obtains appropriate disposal certificates.

Warehousing and distribution - distribution center management, value-added warehouse services and transportation management

Direct-to-consumer - online, call center fulfillment, and returns processing

Warehousing and distribution services
Samtack offers a complete distribution solution that integrates warehousing and transportation management, as well as value-added services such as sub-assembly and repackaging.

Value Added Services

Kitting, sub-assembly, labeling, POP display assembly, price ticketing, repackaging, and other custom services

Focused Service

Samtack goal is to help clients achieve lower costs, higher productivity, and more effective operations. Samtack team members are dedicated to each client’s specific business requirements and committed to providing timely service.



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